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"4 things you must know BEFORE you put pen to paper to apply for a loan-plus the number one tip to getting approved for a loan with Janette Tucker Finance Plus."The one thing you wish for when you apply for a loan?An easy process and a successful result. You aren't alone. Applying for a loan can be a complicated, frustrating process. It can also be overwhelming as you deal with conditions, figures, legal requirements and jargon.

Here's some help...Several consultants have joined together to create this special report. It gives you essential information that will help make your loans process simple and efficient.Here are the top 4 things you MUST know BEFORE you put pen to paper:

1. Commit to a price range:Obviously, it's unavoidable to think about what you can afford. But, it's been our experience that most clients only come in with a vague idea of their price range: "Oh, I think I'd be looking to purchase a property in the vicinity of $400,000."That's fine. There's nothing wrong with only thinking in general terms about price.But, as Janette Tucker Finance Plus's Loans Consultants say: "If you want to feel really CONFIDENT about the loans process, and show the lender that you are a confident applicant, spend some REAL time nutting out your EXACT price range."To do this, you might like to ask yourself questions like:If I needed to, could I realistically go $2000 over the price range I am considering?Could I go any higher? Have I factored in any future funds that I can virtually count on (e.g. steady pay rises, inheritance etc) that might positively (or negatively!) affect my financial situation?Am I ready to make a full commitment to the price range that I have set, and go to the very top of the range?

As Janette Tucker Finance Plus staff say: "With a very specific price range in mind, you'll feel more confident that you're getting the loan that suits you BEST."
2. Solidify EXACTLY how much you've got to put towards the loan.While it isn't necessary to have a deposit to take out a loan through Janette Tucker Finance Plus, having one obviously puts you ahead. So, when you're getting ready to lodge your application, be very clear about how much you have for a deposit.
Whether it is a little or a lot, it's important that we know the scope of your financial position. This evidence of genuine savings shows the lender that you are in a good position to pay the loan back. And that will help you have an easy, smooth loans process.

3. Prove your gross income:Even if you don't have a deposit, your gross income has a big impact on how easy the loans process is for you.That's why evidence of your income ability like payslips and group certificates is very important.

4. Be upfront about your existing commitments: Already have a personal loan? Been financed in the past? Troubled by bad credit? It's still not impossible for you to get a loan. But it's VERY important that you let the lender know about any of these commitments. That way, we have a complete knowledge of your current financial situation-and can make sure that the loan that you get meets with your budget considerations.
But it is really imperative that Janette Tucker Finance Plus (or any lender for that matter) understands the "big picture" of your financial situation.Be assured: having some debts will NOT preclude you from getting a loan through us.

Janette Tucker Finance Plus's Loans Consultants say this about letting all your financial skeletons out of the closet:
"If we don't have a full idea of your financial situation, then it can really mean a lot of wasted time on your behalf."It is almost inevitable that we will find out about any debt you currently have, and when we do, it actually puts the whole loans process behind. Your application has to go back and forth, which frustrates everyone, and you won't get the loan as fast as you possibly could if you had been honest with us from the very beginning. "At Janette Tucker Finance Plus, bad debts or other financing aren't usually enough to scare us off. We've got a range of products, and we usually find that one of these can meet the needs of clients no matter their financial situation."
By being upfront from the beginning, solutions can be found quickly, and the lender can tailor a product that suits you: "Everybody's happy." Janette Tucker Finance Plus have committed and professional staff who are always ready to talk to you about the right loan-one that suits your lifestyle, your budget and your goals. 

Call today on 02 69266669 for jargon-free, professional and individual advice on your loan application.

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